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Irene Schneider

Irene Schneider
BS Physics, MS Geosciences. Penn State Univ.
CEO & Founder

An entrepreneur by nature Irene Schneider is founder of ISE – IHRENES SPACE ENTERPRISES. With a superb team of experts, ISE is a US based scientific consulting firm specialized in offering comprehensive space radiation protection, space radiation mission planning, dosimetry projections for commercial space missions, radiation analysis and studies for satellite and space platform systems (both military and civilian) amongst many other expertise cores (See "Our Sevices" for a more detailed list of services).

ISE's goal is to support and nurture the emerging commercial space industry by providing the much needed independent tailored mission radiation analysis and design support for the emerging small and nano satellite fleets  aas well as to the several critical elements of a successful human space mission, such as pre- and post-mission radiation analysis, systems engineering as well as providing the design for novel space architectures and space habitation studies.

She is currently acting as an independent adviser to the Center for Aerospace Medicine Research (CIMA) of the Spanish Airforce, in space issues and a scientific advisor to the LifeBoat Foundation space settlements board. Irene has recently been invited to become a member of the ASTM F47 Commercial Spaceflight committee and the Task Group within which deals with space radiation mitigation.

She has been Chief radiation officer  as an independant consultant for the NASA funded full scale lunar analogue, together with project lead Pablo de Leon, which was designed and constructed under the direction of the University of North Dakota, Department of Space Studies (UND), and which was finalized in 2014.

Irene holds a Master’s degree in Geosciences from the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) with a specialty in Astrobiologgy, space radiation environments and planetary habitability. Her research was focused around the radiation environments on the Moon and Mars and in collaboration with. Dr. Francis Cucinotta, world renowned space radiation expert and Chief radiation officer at the NASA Johnson Space Center Professor and emeritus professor James Kasting, a world recognized authority in planetary habitability. She also holds a BS in Physics (with honors) from the University of South Florida (USF). She has a long life passion in addressing the critical emergency scenarios that can arise if astronauts on a space mission would be exposed to a mayor solar storm potentially compromising mission success and the health of the astronaut crews.

Irene posses as well an indepth knowledge of nuclear physics due to the fact during her training at the Cern Accelerator Physics School, she was awarded a Doctoral research grant in the field of Nuclear Physics by the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. She was thus engaged in doctoral studies pursuing an experimental thesis however unfortunaly it could not be completed due to fundamental problems with the experimental set up (it had been dismanteld long ago) as well as a serious illness from which Irene recoevred fully after a medical leave. After this, she decided to move on and to accept the invitation to visit the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the Penn State University, the US and follow a 1 year invited course audit for the graduate courses in Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Waste Managment, Reactor Systems, Radiation Health Physics amongst others at the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Nuclear Engineering as invited by Professor Emeritus Anthony Baratta and Professor Jack Brenizer

She is as well when offered at times receiving speclialized training in the issues sorrounding Nuclear energy such as Nuclear Disaster Management, Nuclear Safewards and Nuclear Proliferation at the Belgium Nuclear Research Center training academy, SCK, Belgium.

Irene Schneider has as well as innate passion in communicating to the public high level scientific ideas. She has been featured on ABC News, Telemundo ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, Channel 10 News who covered the first student simulated space mission to a cave by Penn state students where Irene was project manager under the supervision of Dr. Pascale Lee, and has been invited to produce a documentary on her research for the Penn State Research magazine on the habitability of planet Mars in regards with her participation in the MDRS NASA/Mars Society space manned simulation in the desert of Utah, USA. A number of times Mrs. Schneider has been invited to talk live on the renowned Space Show to talk about her research on the hazards of space radiation on the surface of planet Mars for future human exploration. In addition, she has been quoted on the United Press International, The NASA Astrobiology network, the Astrobiology network, the post Chronicle and other scientific related press. Irene Schneider graduated with a Bachelor in Science, in Physics (with honors) from the University of South Florida, Tampa. Nominated "Student of the Year" in 1998 by the American Physical Society, she was later awarded a research internship at the Fermi National Laboratory near Chicago, Ill. Following this, she won an invitation to attend the CERN Particle Accelerator School in Geneva, Switzerland. She then earned a full doctoral research award in the field of Nuclear Physics at the Nuclear Physics Institute in the Netherlands.

Miss. Schneider has been a public speaker at prestigious scientific meetings and conferences  such as the AIAA 40th International Conference on Environmental Systems ,The American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting, she has been an invited panel speaker at Newspace 2011 at NASA Ames amongst others, including other public outreach oriented events such as the "The Advanced Space Suit Symposium" at the Mars Society International convention the Solar System offered by La Caixa scientific foundation in Spain, and she is a regular invited guest at The Space Show" a world renowned web based radio show where prominent space personalities are interviewed to discuss current space issues.

She has been a member of the AIAA, The American Geophysical Union, The American Nuclear Society, The Planetary Society, The American Institute of Physics (Sigma Phi Sigma), The National Space Society (NSS), The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF),  and has 13 hours of flying lessons, loves to fly and is as well a certified PADI scuba diver.